Restoration of Doors

Specialized in the restoration of condominium doors

specializzati in restauro portoni condominiali
All processes are always carried out on site, without disassembling the door, our staff is highly qualified and all products used are the best on the market.

Restoration of condominium doors implies resolution of any structural problems in the first place: the door was created to be opened and closed comfortably.

Equally important is the aesthetic aspect: the door is the main entrance to the building, and as such it must represent its beauty.

Our decades of experience enable us to intervene by solving any structural and safety problem, returning the wood to its former glory.
Tightness of the structure is the first thing to check and possibly secure.
If over the years any movements on the floor or sagging of the door have compromised its functionality, after fixing the hinges, we lift the door and apply ball bearings to the hinges to facilitate opening and closing.

In this way the door remains raised from the ground and unloads its weight on the bearings.

Another crucial aspect of the work is reconstruction of the missing pieces, we use seasoned woods and reconstruct any deficiency.

Finally, cleaning is the most laborious and evident aspect of the work, we prepare the wood carefully using specific solvents and by means of an abrasive action.

The finish must be in accordance with the wood’s essence, the wear to which the door is subjected and needs of the condominiums.

We always offer two types of finish, one more glossy and one satin with a wax effect, both obtained with the best products on the market.

Door Before

Door After

Door Before

Door After

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