About Us

Restoration of antique furniture, a passion transformed into work.
Specialized in high-eighteenth-century and eighteenth-century furniture restorations, absolutely accurate and handcrafted workmanship.

Franco Vigorito and Luca Cagnola first met at the Italian Academy of Wood Restoration in 1998. Both of them come from “workshop” realities, and after the academy, they created their company.
This is the birth of C&V Vecchi Tempi.

Initially, the work activity focuses mainly on restoration of furniture of private individuals from Milan which, eager to enhance their furnishings, rely on these unexpectedly expert young restorers. The slow and inexorable word of mouth of many satisfied customers is the launching pad for the career of the two artisans, which collect many important pieces of furniture of all eras and values in a few years.

In particular, they begin to work for important basilicas, restoring ecclesiastical furnishings, sacristies, doors, compasses etc … all under the supervision of superintendency.

In 2011 the company changed its headquarters, relocating at the C&V space in Via Cadore. A dynamic space, half laboratory and half shop.

The idea is to make the restorer’s work even more transparent and visible, without shop secrets or alchemy of any kind.

Only a lab with a showcase… You can pass by via Cadore at any time and browse while Franco is tampon polishing or Luca is performing a patina transplant.

Therefore, works on a precious Maggiolini are the same as on an old “grandmother’s” sideboard, both of them treated with the same methodology and dedication.

What stands out the most is the passion with which each restoration is faced, and the desire to pass it on to the customer by motivating and explaining the types of interventions carried out.

Write to us for any question, information, request for a quote. We will reply as soon as possible…